I Should Create A Google Alert

Unlike others I could think of, I still haven’t gotten around to creating a Google alert that comes up whenever my name shows up on the Internet. So I almost missed this nice SF Examiner review of my 10-minute play currently running in the Best of PlayGround Festival:

The evening starts with a knockout: Tim Bauer’s “A Futurist Supersaga in Six Acts,” in which Stacy Ross and Liam Vincent whiz through, yes, six short and slightly futuristic scenes, from a woman confessing to a priest to a book club discourse on “The Great Gatsby” and more. Directed with flawless timing by Jon Tracy, it’s a hilarious riff on an eclectic mix of topics.

The review came out two weeks ago, and I only saw it today. I’m definitely setting up an alert, as long as I can figure out how to exclude the tennis guy.

Best of PlayGround Festival at Thick House, 1695 18th St, San Francisco, through May 30. Tickets at playground-sf.org.


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