Rewrites Ahead

Last night was the first staged reading of my currently-in-progress full length commission The Secret Rulers of the World Go To Camp. Here’s the blurb:

An investigative podcaster obsessed with Bohemian Grove finds a way into the annual encampment of the most powerful men in the world. Will he discover the vast global conspiracy he’s always imagined, or is Bohemian Grove just a place for rich men to drink, swim and put on drag-filled adaptations of lesser Shaw plays?

Grady……Aaron Wilton
Laurel……Danielle Levin
Sierra…….Rebecca Pingree
Norman…Louis Parnell
Otto……..Alex Shaffer
Don……..Dodds Delzell

Directed by Barbara Oliver and, remarkably, the stage directions were read by Julia Brothers! Which means the stage directions were very, very well-acted.

It went the way a good first reading should go: laughs at the parts that are supposed to be funny, silence at the parts that I suspected needed to be cut, overall good comments at the talkback, and a few occurrences of the word “promising.” It’s always nice when you end up excited to get into the rewrites, rather than searching for a drawer to toss the script into.

I snapped a photo at the rehearsal but I don’t think Equity rules allow me to post it, so here is a photo of my cat: