You’re Invited to See One or Two of My Plays

This weekend, two separate short plays of mine will be running in different parts of town. First up, you could see Us Against Them as part of PianoFight’s ShortLived 3.0 on Friday or Saturday. This is the largest audience-judged playwriting competition in the country, where you get to vote on which plays make it to the next round. If you (and, presumably, many others) vote for it, it could make its way to the finals in June, where I could win a grand prize of a topaz pendant. Or production of a full-length. The rules are a bit fuzzy; I believe I could choose either one but not both.

Secondly, you could see a futurist supersaga in six acts which I entitled A Futurist Supersaga In Six Acts. This is, indeed, a six act play told in ten minutes. And, yes, one of the acts is itself subdivided into three parts. Needless to say, it goes pretty fast (hence: futurist) and covers a lot of ground (hence: supersaga). Not needless to say, it stars Stacy Ross and Liam Vincent and is directed by Jon Tracy. This one will run as part of the Best of PlayGround Festival until May 30, whether you vote for it or not.

I hope you will see one or both but not none.