Cool Sleepwalkers Season Offer

Hey, Sleepwalkers Theatre, who produced my Zombie Town play recently, has a purty cool season ticket thing going. First off, I suppose you should know that they’re doing a super-ambitious thing:

In 2010/2011 we are producing a wildly imaginative trilogy of apocalypse plays, by local playwright JC Lee. That’s right, we are devoting our entire season to the work of one writer and the phantasmagoric three part journey he has created. Much more info here.

That’s from their email. But here’s the cool pricing thing:

Since our regular ticket price will be $18 – $24, we are offering discounted season passes this year. And, the earlier you buy them, the cheaper they are. How cheap is it? Super cheap. Buying in April? A Season pass is only $36! That’s $12 a performance. May? Only $42! That’s $14 a performance. June? Only $45! That’s $15 a performance. And then in July it defaults to our regular season pass discount where it shall remain through the close of the first production — $50.

Now, I’m no fancy mathematician, but it appears to me that it would behoove anyone interested to act sooner as opposed to doing what I always do and acting later. Info about all this — including the crucial part about what exactly these plays are about — is here.