Local Folks In National Newspapers

Here’s Lauren Yee interviewed in the Wall Street Journal:

“When you use a phrase like ‘Ching Chong Chinaman,’ you’ll always run into segments of the population that don’t think the phrase should be used,” says playwright Lauren Yee, who says she went back and forth over whether or not to use the racial slur as the title of her thesis play at Yale University.

And PianoFight’s ShortLived discussed in the New York Times:

When audiences threw rotten vegetables at actors in the old days, it generally meant they weren’t having a good time. But the San Francisco-based theater company PianoFight has been resurrecting that Shakespearean tradition in the hopes of inducing the opposite effect.


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  1. Would also like to note that Lauren Yee has a piece in Round 1 of ShortLived, so she can tick off two national stories in the same week. SF is badass.

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