…And Local Folks Respond

In re: last post about PianoFight’s ShortLived being discussed in the New York Times, PianoFight has a post that clears up the very end of the article, which implies that a playwright could win by packing the house:

The 13-week competition is broken into six, two-week long rounds with a final Championship Weekend at the end. The only way to win the whole competition is to win that Championship Weekend, and the only way to get into that Championship Weekend is to win one of the rounds. …So even if a playwright cajoled 25 friends into seeing ShortLived over that two-week period (a pretty massive count as anyone who frequently invites friends to see their work well knows), that’s still only one-tenth of the people who will ultimately be scoring pieces in that round.

Particularly relevant to me, since I have a play that will run in ShortLived. Good to know there’s no point in trying to game the system. Although, if you want to vote for my play….

More importantly, here’s what they say about the interactive portion of the event:

Theater makers need to have a fundamental respect for A) what their audiences want to see, and B) what their audiences can and will accept, understand, be moved by and throughly enjoy. As ShortLived has proven in the past, audiences know just as well as producers what makes good theater.

Read the whole thing here.


4 Replies to “…And Local Folks Respond”

  1. Hi Tim,

    To be completely frank, while packing the house does not guarantee a thing, there is one distinct benefit to doing so. A bunch of friends/family/fans in the audience are going to be ever so receptive to your play specifically – ie, they’ll laugh a bit harder, clap a bit louder etc. This in turn usually helps the rest of the crowd get into the show, and could theoretically influence audience members who are not your friends/family/fans. Essentially, if the house if full of people you know, you can guarantee your play will be received warmly which could arguably influence other audience members subconsciously – “Oh that play was amazing, everyone was laughing so hard!”

    In any case, “Us Against Them,” (Tim’s play) which I’m directing, is going to win Round 2 because it is flat out awesome.

    That’s right, I said it, bring it on Rest of Theater Community.


  2. Hi Alan,

    Your scripts are actually still in The Hopper. Can’t say definitely if they’re going to get in – that’s up to the ShortLived directing team – but know that your pieces are still in consideration.


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