BOA Wrap-Up

Stuart Bousel has quite handily written a summary of the Bay One Acts Festival that echoes my feelings: it was a wonderful experience. And so, rather than clog up the whateverosphere with more typing, I’ll quote him:

I walked out of the few rehearsals, group events and performances that I attended with the sense that I had been more welcomed, appreciated and supported by the theater community of this city than I ever had in almost eight years of working here. I saw a great deal of work by writers I both knew and didn’t know — most of it very good, some of it exceptional. I had long conversations with people I’d never met but only heard about — Rob Ready, Tore Ingersoll-Thorpe, Tim Bauer, Daniel Heath — and I got to know better people I only knew a little in passing — Meg Cohen, Meg O’Connor, Alex Curtis, Claire Zawa… this list is really pretty long. When it all came to a finish this last Sunday, I crashed the end of the strike because I just wanted a chance to say goodbye to everyone. It felt like the end of camp, or a good semester of college. And that is, honestly, my favorite feeling in the world: the bittersweetness of those final moments with people you have been on a wonderful journey with.

Thanks Jessica, Richard, directors, cast, crew and karaoke singers for a great time…