Spector’s On Parabasis

Did you know that the Bay Area’s own Jonathan Spector — of Just Theater and PlayGround and Being A Cool Guy fame — is guest blogging on Isaac Butler’s theater blog Parabasis? He’s doing a Slate Breakfast Table-style dialogue with Sam Hunter. Very well-written stuff, which starts here, and includes this interesting thought from the latest installment:

In my time running the selection for BAPF, [five percent] was always the rough percentage that became finalists, and this was a number determined by the advocacy of the readers. From the 400 – 500 scripts, there were about 20 – 30 that at least two people felt passionately about. And of that 20 -30, I would find that at least half were also in the finalist pools of the O’Neill, Sundance, PlayPenn, Playlabs etc. Is this a testament to cream rising to the top, or is this simply evidence that the kind of people involved in these selections have narrow and similar taste? I’m not sure.