You Gonna Miss It?

Tim Bauer’s brilliantly executed trunk show Three Little Words… is smartly directed by Alex Curtis. At breakneck speed — stopping only long enough to create fabulously full moments — The Players (Megan Briggs, Nick Dickson, Dave Dyson, and Jasen Talise) take on all the major characters and some of the minor ones of R&J. It makes you wish Bauer would similarly reset the remaining 36 of the Bard’s theatricals, forsooth and wisely so. Truly hilarious and not to be missed.

From today’s San Francisco Bay Times review. The entire festival is “highly recommended,” and all the other plays in the festival range in style from “a taut, intimate portrait” to “a short gem of a play” to “a funny and imaginative fable” to “a well-staged, riotous parody.” It’s “not to be missed,” so go here to not miss it.


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