Modesty prevents me from quoting in its entirety this post, which calls Three Little Words “absolutely hysterical,” but it certainly doesn’t prevent me from telling you to go read it to get a flavor of the play — and then urging you to check it out for yourself. Tonight and tomorrow are pay what you wish, or this weekend, you can see both Program 1 and Program 2 in rep on the same day. Program 2 runs:

Wednesday, Mar 3, 8PM
Saturday, Mar 6, 8PM
Sunday, Mar 7, 7PM
Friday, Mar 12, 8PM
Saturday, Mar 13, 4PM

As an incredibly literal marketing writer would say, “See it now, before you are no longer able to see it, as it will have closed!”

PS: Photo by Clay Robeson, who is a great improvisor, actor, writer, photographer and zombie.