‘OEDIPUS EL REY’ at Magic Theatre

Last night, I got to see Oedipus el Rey by Luis Alfaro at Magic Theatre. Absolutely fantastic. It’s superb. I loved it.*

In fact, everything I have to say has already been said by actual critics: “This one blew me away.” “I think you should see it immediately.” And “I stood on my chair clapping with my bowler hat under the chair.”

* Long-time readers have heard this spiel, but I appear to have some new people checking out this blog, so here’s why my non-review is so short: I’m not a critic; I’m a playwright. I don’t do reviews — the most I do is call out specific language or moments that I really loved. Also, almost every show I see, I probably know the writer, or the director, or sometimes everyone onstage. Which means I’m not objective. I also sometimes, rarely, get in for free. But I don’t write about every play I see; I just give plays I particularly like a shout out in the hopes that other people will go. Someone said that makes me a “theater maven,” but since I don’t know what that is, I go with “playwright.”


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