Liz Duffy Adams Is Teaching In SF

Liz Duffy Adams sent me a quick note to let me know there are one or two spots open in her Tao of Playwriting class through Playwrights Foundation.

I took this class in the summer of ’08 and it was fantastic. The exercises help you create characters and language you never would have found on your own. I’d take it again if I weren’t traveling during the last half of the class. But that means there’s room for you.

The official description, to me, is irresistible:

Playwriting is an art of negotiating between strategy/impulse, intellect/raw creativity, yin/yang. There is no better guide than the Tao te Ching for a roadmap to getting out of your own way and letting the creative juices flow. For new or accomplished playwrights, for writers who have been stuck, or those who just want to change up their process and see what happens, this will be an exciting, high-focus, all-out writing challenge. Speed without haste, language without obstacles — a first draft in ten days!

The class runs from Feb 6 – 15. If you’re interested, go here.