Outrageous Fortune On Tour

Don’t forget to RSVP for the Outrageous Fortune conversation/dialogue in the Bay Area. This is the book that everyone’s been reading and blogging about, sometimes even posting opinions about it without even having seen it. (Speaking of, the iPad is going to change publishing! People will subscribe to magazines just to see the cool iPad-optimized ads!)

In case you haven’t ordered the book yet, which you can do here, this is the blurb: It “examines the lives and livelihoods of American playwrights today and the realities of new play production from the perspective of both playwrights and not-for-profit theatres.” It’s based on six years of research and discussions. And it seriously is required reading for anyone creating theater (or attempting to) in the U.S. today.

The Theatre Development Fund, who published the book, is traveling the country, holding conversations to discuss the issues raised in the book and look for solutions. On February 9, co-writer Todd London will lead a discussion here in the Bay Area. It’s an event that theater people with day jobs are taking off to attend. If you want to go, you have to RSVP, but it’s free.

Outrageous Fortune Discussion, Tues Feb 9, 10AM to 2PM, Aurora Theatre, 2081 Addison, Berkeley. FREE. To RSVP, which is REQUIRED, go here and send an email. I don’t post email addresses so I can never be blamed for spam. That’s how much I hate spam. And ants. Man, I hate ants.


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  1. I’ve been unable to find any consolidated information; just mentions here and there that they’ve hit Minneapolis and will be visiting San Francisco and Seattle. But LA would seem inevitable, wouldn’t it?

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