What I Missed Over The Holidays: Year-End Wrap-Up Edition

The other thing I missed while I was traveling was a chance to look back at 2009 while it was still 2009. It was a pretty good year, actually:

  • Them had a staged reading on the set of In The Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) which was oddly ideal since my play called for the stage to be divided in half. And the play was remembered later by a friend who recommended it to a festival.
  • I got a fellowship and a commission to write a full-length for PlayGround. What’s tentatively called The Secret Rulers of the Universe Go To Camp will tentatively be finished in March and definitely have a staged reading in May.
  • Exit Wounds was a finalist for Playwrights Week at The Lark. Down to the top 12. That play is my almost play: almost produced twice, but not quite. Almost in two development festivals, but not quite. I need to send that around more.
  • Zombie Town: A Documentary Play had a sold-out, extended run at Sleepwalkers, got reviews I was super happy about, and was one of those productions that makes it all worthwhile. Not one thing I would change about that experience: the cast was awesome, the music was amazing, every night I went was unbelievably cool, and it was what better be the first of many collaborations with director Tore Ingersoll-Thorp, who is a goddamn genius. And who showed me where to find chicken fried steak in San Francisco.
  • A Futurist Supersaga in Six Acts had a killer staged reading at a really crowded Monday Night PlayGround, with Stacy Ross and Steve Irish. I really enjoyed watching that one.
  • I got a residency at KHN Center for the Arts, which I’ll talk about soon.
  • Theatre Bay Area asked me what I wanted to see this season and then published it in their season preview issue.
  • I wrote a short play for PlayGround called Afterlives which wasn’t selected but which I think I could expand into a pretty nice one-act.
  • And I got word that Three Little Words will be produced as part of BOA this February.

So 2009 was a pretty good year, and 2010 starts with a production, a residency, and a full-length in progress. Not too bad.

Here’s hoping all our 2010’s go well, and that we all pronounce it “twenty-ten” because “two thousand ten” sounds stupid.


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  1. When I was driving back from Portland, I saw “La Quintas” everywhere. And I laughed every time.

    Miss the show dude! Happy New Year!

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