‘PULP SCRIPTURE’ at PianoFight

Sunday afternoon I got a chance to see closing night (er, closing afternoon) of Pulp Scripture by William Bivins at PianoFight. It’s a very cool, funny and irreverent fringe-style piece; in fact, it won a bunch of awards at the SF Fringe Festival (including Best New Comedy) before it transferred to Off-Market.

Bill’s a super-cool guy, a really funny writer and while I can’t call him an official friend yet (except in that vague post-modern Facebook way that everybody you’ve ever met is your “friend”), I expect that will change soon, since we both have plays in the upcoming Bay One Acts Festival — which necessarily means a few nights at The Chieftain are in our futures.

After the show, I rushed home to get back to work on my PlayGround play, since it’s due on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the topic this month is CHTHONIC and not GENESIS, so it turns out I won’t be able to steal anything from Bill’s play to put in my own. So there goes that plan.