‘LARGE ANIMAL GAMES’ at Impact Theatre

On Thursday night, I braved the rain and headed over to Berkeley to see Steve Yockey’s Large Animal Games at Impact Theatre. And to say hi to Cheshire. And to drink some beer.

If you saw Octopus at Magic or Skin at Climate a while back, you know Steve’s got a great command of structure and metaphor and always has a surprising way of mixing in some magical realism. This one riffs off the ideas of hunting, of animalistic passion and of self-image, with a central metaphor of a lingerie shop that ends up being more than meets the eye.

Once again, I really dug how Melissa Hillman was able to use the space to get us from scene to scene super-quickly without having a bunch of long furniture-moving pauses. But I won’t go on about it, because I think I’ve talked about that kind of thing a little too much. In fact, I bet if you searched the blog for “oh, good, they didn’t do that whole lights down, dudes in black move shit around for way too long and kill the momentum, lights up thing,” you’d probably get about 14 hits.

After an Impact show, I usually stick around La Val’s and have a beer or two. But alas, I was alone this time, and it would have been a little odd to sit and drink beer by myself. So instead I went to Foster’s Freeze and ate ice cream by myself. Much more socially acceptable.


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  1. Tim! You should have called me! I am always around for beer in Berkeley.
    The ice cream at Foster’s Freeze is pretty good, though.

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