What I Want To See In December

From time to time, I post a list of what I’m hoping to see over the next month. It’s mainly to remind me to go see the shows, but it’s also handy because then friends of mine will email me to say, “I want to see that, too. Let’s go together.”

This month, I’d have to defy the rules of physics to actually get to all the shows I want to see, especially considering that December has all that holiday stuff mixed in there. Still, here’s what I’d like to bend space and time to see:

  • Large Animal Games by Steve Yockey at Impact Theatre (Nov 5 – Dec 12). By the guy who wrote Skin and Octopus and who I once drank bourbon with. Oh, and since I mentioned Impact, I’m obliged to say “Impact rocks.”
  • Pulp Scripture by William Bivins at PianoFight (Nov 7 – Dec 13). The show that won more awards than anyone else at SF Fringe, by the playwright getting produced in San Francisco more than any other writer this season.
  • ReOrient by Golden Thread at Thick House (Nov 19 – Dec 13). Short plays exploring the Middle East, including a new one by Naomi Wallace and an old one by Betty Shamieh.
  • Let It Snow! by Un-Scripted Theater (Nov 27 – Dec 19). Improvised musicals that are often better than musicals people spent years writing. Becoming a holiday tradition, and selling out a lot. No puppets, though.
  • Tenderloin Xmas Hustler at Stage Werx (Dec 4 – Dec 20). Described as “a mash-up parody of just about every Christmas television, movie or play” and co-created by my friend Todd Pickering.
  • She Stoops to Comedy by David Greenspan at SF Playhouse (Nov 18 – Jan 8). David Greenspan wrote the awesome Dead Mother which played at TJT last year. Also, Liam Vincent and Amy Resnick are in it.
  • Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht at Shotgun Players (Dec 3 – Jan 17). Shotgun’s version of Brecht? Hell yeah.