‘BLASTOSPHERE!’ by Central Works

On Sunday, I made it to closing night of Blastosphere! by Aaron Loeb and Geetha Reddy. I know both of them from PlayGround, and I know both of them to be two of the sharpest writers in town, so I knew I was probably in for a hilarious night. (Or afternoon, to be precise.) But I wasn’t prepared for the clever stagecraft.

I suppose I should have been; I did see Molly Aaronson-Gelb’s name on the postcard. But I’ve seen a couple of shows in the intimate Berkeley City Club theater, and most dealt with the small space by keeping things to one or two locations. This play has, I don’t know, let’s say tons of locations. And yet everything flowed beautifully, as fits the fast-moving story. Just a quick shift of a couple chairs and we move from a church to a fertility clinic to a cruise ship. Awesome.

Central Works is about to kick off its 20th season, and their method of creating plays seems to be working better than ever. I’m sure anybody who reads this blog (except my mom) knows about them already, but if you don’t, bookmark their site. And maybe read Chris Chen talking about their method of creating plays. And go see Blastosphere! when it (surely inevitably) plays somewhere near you.