Focusing On The Future

After a week or two of rambling around depressed because my play ended — as M says, “I keep wondering what Slash and Didi are doing tonight” — I finally had a day on Saturday that forced me to focus on the future.

First up was a kickoff meeting for the Bay One Acts Festival, which happens in February and will feature, among many others, my play Three Little Words. Jessica Holt is the new artistic director of Three Wise Monkeys, which puts on the festival, and she’s brought a renewed focus on community this year. I’m frankly pretty excited about the process; sounds like she wants it to be a true festival and not just a bunch of separately-produced one acts that happen to run around the same time.

Afterwards, I had to rush across town to meet with Sonia Fernandez, the dramaturg of PlayGround, to talk about the progress of my commissioned play. This year (or last year; I’m not sure how it works) I’m one of two PlayGround Fellows commissioned to write a full-length. I met with Sonia to talk about where I am, to toss around some ideas of how to progress, and to start finalizing some deadlines.

And then, lunch with M. I’d been running around town trying to see all the plays that ran at the same time that¬†Zombie Town: A Documentary Play was running, so it was nice to just spend time walking around and shopping and eating crepes together.

I ended the night digging back into one of the books I’m using for research for my next play. Full steam ahead and whatnot.