SF Chronicle Interviews Peter Nachtrieb

Robert Hurwitt interviews Peter Nachtrieb in today’s SF Chronicle. Peter is not only a fantastic writer and a super-nice guy, but he’s one of the few playwrights in the country, let alone the Bay Area, actually making a living as a playwright:

With “Boom” now a national success, and “T.I.C.,” which premiered here with Encore Theater in January, getting some interest in New York, Nachtrieb is turning his attention to two new commissions, for Orange County’s South Coast Rep and American Conservatory Theater’s master’s of fine arts program. He is, in other words, making his living as a full-time playwright.

“It’s coming up on three years,” he says. “Hopefully, I can make it last. At this point it’s like, ‘Oh, I’m good through May or June,’ but I hope I can keep pushing that termination date farther out. I’m committed to being a Bay Area-based playwright. Living here definitely colors everything I write.”

Go see his play and keep him in SF writing plays and not in LA writing Desperate Housewives. And read the interview; it’s a good one.

boom by Peter Nachtrieb, at Marin Theatre, 397 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, Nov 12 – Dec 6. Tickets at marintheatre.org.


4 Replies to “SF Chronicle Interviews Peter Nachtrieb”

  1. While there’s nothing wrong with making a living writing Desperate Housewives, it’s great to know someone is making it as a playwright (someone without the last name of Kushner, too).

    Hopefully the circle will expand.

  2. Mmm, that was sort of an inside joke because a friend of mine makes a living writing for Desperate Housewives.

    But yeah: I’m not sure even Kushner makes a living as a full-time playwright. Doesn’t he write screenplays, too? I’d imagine that pays a little better than the playwriting.

    Great to see someone not only making a living at it but having the time to concentrate on it fully. Cool!

  3. And to be completely transparent, i do perform in murder mysteries and sexual harassment training seminars for extra cash :)

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