‘THE WOMAN IN BLACK’ by Second Wind Theatre

If you happen to be reading this right when it’s posted, which looks to be around 5:45 on Saturday, then you have about one hour to rush down to Phoenix Theatre to catch Second Wind’s production of The Woman in Black, adapted by Stephen Mallatratt, before it closes tonight.

I got a chance to catch it on Friday night. It’s directed by my friend Ian Walker, who does a great job playing up the theatricality of the piece, which you probably know is right up my alley: a chair is moved to the right to become an office, moved to the left to become a horse, moved offstage to create a bedroom, and the whole thing flows without a lot of realistic furniture being hauled around. Hey, that’s my aesthetic, too.

The play’s been running nonstop in London since 1989, and not just because it’s a two-person play. It’s got a taut, suspenseful story; an opportunity for actors to play multiple characters; and a framing device that admits to the audience that we’re all an audience about to listen to a story. Lovely.

Normally I would stick a little thing at the bottom that tells when the play ends in case you want to go, but you can’t, so I’ll skip that. But do check out Second Wind’s website if you get a chance. And these are the same folks doing the very cool video blog series I mentioned before, so check that out, as well.


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