Peter Nachtrieb Article: 14 Theaters Can’t Be Wrong

Today’s Marin Independent Journal has an interview by Sam Hurwitt with Peter Nachtrieb, whose play boom is finally playing in the Bay Area — as well as at 13 other theaters around the country:

Q: What’s it like seeing so many interpretations of the play?

A: It’s pretty wild. It had a workshop production at Brown in 2007, then I had a quick turnaround to its world premiere at Ars Nova. Last fall I got to go to two productions, one at Wooly Mammoth ā€” and I felt I finished the play there ā€” then the following week in Seattle. All of those productions were very different. Getting a chance to hear it with different audiences, different casts and different directors was really helpful for me to see what was working consistently and where were the bumps. If I made any changes now I think it wouldn’t make the play any better.

Read the whole thing here. See the play here:

boom by Peter Nachtrieb, at Marin Theatre, 397 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, Nov 12 – Dec 6. Tickets at