Hey, The SF Bay Guardian Loved ‘ZOMBIE TOWN’

Check it out! Robert Avila at the SF Bay Guardian gave us a great review — with a cool headline, as well: “Sleepwalkers’ Zombie Town has brains (and eats them, too!)”

This gem is penned by Tim Bauer, a San Francisco playwright and former Texas resident, whose eye and ear for the culture clashes attendant not only in zombie movies but also between the humbler masses and certain rarified sections of the theater world makes Zombie Town a consistently witty treat. Sleepwalkers’ artistic director Tore Ingersoll-Thorp directs with an equally strong parodic sense a lively cast of living and post-living characters — played to perfection by an ensemble that could hardly be sharper or funnier were it to have a mining pick protruding from its collective forehead.

Read the whole thing; it does a fantastic job of summing up the play. Then come see the show and see if you agree!


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  1. Even though I’ve been here for 7 years, I’m still way more hooked into the SF theater scene than the LA one. But I do know there are cool, edgy theater companies down here. I would scroll through Goldstar shows or LA Stage Alliance or Plays411.com and see if there are shows that seem to fit your sensibility and see who’s producing them. And then submit. Off the top of my head, you might want to investigate Rogue Machine, Open Fist, Odyssey. There are much more.

  2. Timbo,

    I’ll see you soon enough- But just to build off this thread: We should really talk to Matt Quinn who used to run Off Market.

    He’s in L.A. now and runs the Theatre Asylum I think. Or is affiliated with them. He brings down those dudes from PF occasionally.

    Might be an opportunity.


  3. Tim, do you think Sleepwalkers Theatre would consider doing the show every Halloween? Kinda like other theatres always do “A Christmas Carol”? That could be cool.

  4. I think Marisela’s idea is a great one. I mean, they don’t even have to do a full run every year or anything like that–just pull it out for a night or two every Halloween. Or run it late nights during the run of one of their other shows…. Which reminds me, you should check out Rogue Machine in L.A. because I think they have a late-night series, for stuff that’s a little more off the beaten path.

  5. Tim,

    I spoke with Matt Quinn today and he’s interested. I’ll email you his phone number to talk. And just for clarification’s sake, Quinn’s company, Combined Artform, started Off-Market and is now a managing partner of that venue with PianoFight. Combined Artform also runs Theater Asylum in LA. Combined Artform has also gone in on c-productions with PianoFight to bring shows like FORKING and ShortLived to LA (link below offers a more detailed description on the venues):


    Also, regarding Marisela’s comment, I think it’s a great idea. Dust off the show each year for Halloween — think it’d be a killer moneymaker plus all the reviews would carry over for each new run (ie, the listings in SFBG next year would feature snippets from the review this year).

    Also, another company to check out in LA is Theater of Note — they seem pretty in line with your (and my own) sensibilities.


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