What I Want To See This Season: TBA Edition

I usually do a post on this theme a little earlier, but I didn’t want to pre-empt my appearance in Theatre Bay Area Magazine, where they asked a few local theater types what they’re looking forward to in the 2009-10 season. But here’s my list, in case you are a heathen and don’t subscribe. (Which you should do. Right now.)

Here’s what appears in the magazine:

Tim Bauer
Playwright and Blogger

  • Marin Theatre’s boom by Peter Nachtrieb. Partly because Peter’s a genius; partly because he let me read the first 2/3 of the play a couple years ago and I just want to see how the damn thing ends.
  • Central Works’ Blastosphere by Aaron Loeb & Geetha Reddy. Because Aaron and Geetha are fantastic local writers, Molly Aaronson-Gelb is a great director, and “a new comedy about pop rocks, hollow balls and the biological imperative” may be the best sentence I’ve ever read.
  • Cutting Ball’s The Bald Soprano by Eugène Ionesco. Because Rob Melrose is the best interpreter of absurdism in the Bay Area and possibly on the planet.
  • Impact Theatre’s Learn to Be Latina by Enrique Urueta. Because Enrique, Mary Guzmán and Impact each individually kick ass, so combining them may seriously bring on the Apocalypse.
  • Berkeley Rep’s Concerning Strange Devices from the Distant West by Naomi Iizuka. Because I’ve loved Naomi’s masterful and beautiful writing for about a million years.
  • Sleepwalkers Theatre’s Zombie Town: A Documentary Play. Because (a) it’s a documentary theatre piece about a town that was attacked by zombies, (b) it’s produced by SF Weekly’s “Best Theatre Company of 2009” and (c) I wrote it.


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  1. I love that line about combining Enrique, Mary Guzman and Impact could lead the Apocalypse. I can’t wait to see that play. We gotta coordinate and go see it with some other peeps.

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