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If you read my earlier post proposing a Slug Bug-style August Schulenburg game, you know I’ve recently become infatuated with his blog, his writing and his ideas. Here’s why.

In his latest post, he calls for an Indie Theatre Repertory, borne out of one of the greatest challenges facing indie theatre: the ability to transfer a small show to a longer run. It’s a space issue, a union issue, a structural issue, a thinking small issue. But how cool would this be?:

Imagine a theatre where in one week you could see productions of Universal Robots, MilkMilkLemondae, Fight Girl Battle World and Infectious Opportunity. Where a production of Pretty Theft in the afternoon could be followed by Artifacts Of Consequence in the evening. Where all of the artists are getting paid an amount worth their initial investment.

The structural model could be like the FringeNYC Encore series in miniature. A 7:00 weekday showtime of one production would allow you a 9:00 performance of another, with three show days on the weekend (similar to our Trilogy production schedule, only a little more so). A production could see anywhere from 3-5 shows a week. As one show in rep was ready to end, a new show would be brought in to keep the rep fresh.

Imagine how great this would be. (I’m now summarizing Schulenburg; I’m not smart enough to have thought of this.) A show that’s gaining steam at the end of its run has a place to go. Audiences for one show start to discover another — as well as another theater company. And plays could possibly have more visibility for regional runs without having to go to off-Broadway, where this isn’t any room, as was mentioned at the very start of this.

To put it in San Francisco terms, what if there was a theatre near the TBA Tix Booth, close to BART, close to MUNI, easy to get to, where you could have seen Jukebox Stories, Tings Dey Happen and T.I.C., all in the same week? Where people in SF could learn about shows from the East Bay? Where tourists could learn about shows that originated in the Mission?

A great idea, and a great post. Go read it. Bookmark his blog. And feel free to slug someone every time you see him; it’d be cool if that caught on.


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