Sleepwalkers Theatre Is Looking For Short Zombie Films

If you or someone you know has a short zombie film that they’d like to have screened before my play Zombie Town: A Documentary Play, reply to this here craigslist ad:

SF Weekly’s Best Theatre Company of 2009, Sleepwalkers Theatre is looking for short zombie movies to play before our upcoming production of Zombie Town, a full-length mockumentary theatre piece.

Showing short films by local filmmakers before our plays is something we’ve wanted to do for while, to give local independent filmmakers a chance to screen their work and help bring in audience members that don’t normally attend theatre productions.

The play runs for five weeks on Fridays and Saturdays October 9th through November 7th at Exit Stage Left in San Francisco. Ideally we’ll have a different film each weekend.

We’re open to anything zombie-related, but it needs to be under 15 minutes. Thank you for your interest!

And in case YOU are interested, the show opens in about two and a half weeks, so mark your calendar because there’s only 10 shows to choose from!