SF Weekly Wants You To See My Play

Did you see the Fall Arts Preview in SF Weekly?:

I’ll place my Halloween bets on Sleepwalkers Theatre, a company that has managed to churn out a few fine productions featuring exclusively local playwrights. Sleepwalkers’ October offering might not be as topical as the company’s normal fare, but at least it’s well-timed: Zombie Town (Oct. 9-Nov. 7), a sort of live mockumentary about a recent zombie outbreak in Harwood, Texas, should help curb your autumnal hunger for braaaaains.


2 Replies to “SF Weekly Wants You To See My Play”

  1. And you’ve got just the right number of syllables to make that work: Tim Bauer. Whereas, I with a whopping 9, can not take a cue from Tyler Perry.

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