90% Of Bay Area Theater Interviewed

I came across this Daily Californian article about the state of Bay Area theater and, wow, Arielle Little interviewed a whole bunch of people: Evren Odcikin of A.C.T., Rob Ready of PianoFight, Susan Medak of Berkeley Rep, Tom Ross of Aurora, Marissa Wolf of Crowded Fire, Jessica Heidt of Climate Theater and Raelle Myrick-Hodges of Brava. I’m surprised it didn’t come up 11 times in my Google News feed.

The article’s sort of a roundup answering the question of how theaters are surviving in this economy. And it mentions PianoFight’s for-profit business model, which I mentioned earlier, which means I’m a step ahead of the Daily Californian. (As long as you go by the dates on this blog and not the actual “newspaper.” But that’s old media! In Web 2.0, Aug 29 is way before Aug 26!)

Some strategies mentioned:

PianoFight and other small houses have been thinking up creative ways to stay afloat, such as offering $5 discounts to patrons who are their fans on Facebook. Others, such as San Francisco’s Climate Theater, have offered special rates to theatergoers who recently lost their jobs.

Officials from larger houses, such as the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and the Aurora Theatre Company, say they rely heavily on unearned income in the form of donations, whereas smaller companies rely more on ticket sales.

The whole article is here.