SF Bay Guardian On Theater

Another article on the economy’s effect on Bay Area theaters. Maybe a bit more pessimistic than what I’ve heard from people anecdotally, but the part about audiences being more selective in what they see is probably true.

And it is interesting to think about 10 years into the future, when we could very well look back and see that all the plays that were written were little chamber pieces and that big, epic theatre pretty much just disappeared:

At Z Studio Space, a San Francisco company that develops new theater work, executive director Lisa Steindler admits she passes up on scripts with a cast of 12 or more. She simply can’t afford it.

These days, she said, even playwrights realize they must write scripts with two or three actors if they want a play produced. “It’s interesting how the economy is shaping the canon of work that being made,” she said. “Ten years from, now we’ll look back and see how artists tailored their work [to the financial situation of this time].”

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