Playwrights Pub Night In 2 Days

vThe next edition of our every-three-month pub night is happening this Thursday. If you’re a playwright (or a friend to playwrights; we’ve had directors, designers, dramaturgs and dates) and you’re not on the Facebook invite, be sure to contact co-host (and driving force) Marisela so you don’t miss this one.

For a long time, it seemed that most of us Bay Area playwrights only saw each other at official events: plays, workshops, classes, forums. Both Marisela and I wanted there to be something more casual that you could drop into whenever you weren’t busy. A bit like the old Wednesday Night Beer Night my improv group used to have back in Austin, where you always knew people would be there if you could go, but you felt no obligation to call anyone if you couldn’t go.

This being San Francisco, where it’s really hard to get around, park or even make plans, we opted to do something a little less often then every single week. Four times a year, to be precise. And the next one is in two days, at the Valley Tavern, 4054 24th Street, San Francisco.

We’ve invited the visiting playwrights here for the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, as well, so you might get to meet some of them. Or they might stay at home, furiously rewriting their plays for this weekend based on input from last weekend. You never know who’ll show up; that’s the beauty of this thing.


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  1. I’m looking forward to it. I told Nakissa and Michael about it last night, so we’ll have dramaturg and husband present with any luck.

    Hopefully we’ll see some of the festival artists make it out to Noe Valley.

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