Fixing Theater In Less Than 140 Characters

Fixing theater ain’t complicated, folks. In fact, a bunch of theater artists figured it out in less than 140 characters.

Simon Ogden of The Next Stage challenged people to offer their own #fixtheatre tweet, and there are a whole bunch of great ideas. Some of my favorites:

thenextstagemag: Convince each large civic theatre to foster one indie company on a side stage per year, as many productions as they can fit.

autoblot: Develop resources to help small companies learn how to reach beyond the ‘family and friends’ audience.

theatre_20: foster a new generation of theatre-goer’s by creating theatre that is about them rather than their ancestors.

nyneofuturists: be willing to change start times, audience/stage layout, and allow beer.

macwrites: Playwrights: write plays that you yourself would honestly set aside an evening to go out & see (even if no friends are in it).

There are about 40 more ideas, all right here. Or search for #fixtheatre on Twitter.

4 Replies to “Fixing Theater In Less Than 140 Characters”

  1. Haha, yes.

    Actually what I would say takes more than 140 f*$&#ing characters which is one of the reasons I loooooaaaaathe twitter.

    Not like every idea needs to be expressed in an essay.

    But I truly fear that the wonders of social media are just training us (well not really us, our nieces and nephews) to be lazy.

    To just wait for the condensed version of any news or information to come to US.

    Training us to stop looking for the information and news, stop exploring it, stop analyzing it’s nuances-

    Not to mention replacing the need to have and actual physical meeting to discuss our ideas.

    Not to mention what it could do to creativity.

    Not to mention that it just seems like masturbatory shouting into the abyss! aghhh!

    But I did update my Facebook status this morning….

    And in closing, what I’ll say about twitter is: I can’t use something called twitter. Or tweets. Or twats.

    No seriously: Social Media has really no practical use for Theatre. I feel no pressure to find practical use for it.

    I’m rambling because I haven’t had my coffee.

    I’ll see you at 1:00 Tim!

    – tore

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