Sometimes a friend of mine emails me about a show before I get a chance to write a post about it, and then I mentally cross it off my list, and then about a week later I think, “Hey, I never wrote about that show” and decide to just post the email message.

Like now:

I saw Albee’s play at ACT last week and really liked it, but I had great seats, and I think if you were farther back or in the balcony, you’d miss out. So if you decide to go, spend the extra money to sit close.

I’m probably too into Albee to be able to make an objective call on it, but it worked really, really well for me. The first act is pretty amazing, especially if you know Zoo Story as well as I do. [I played Peter in a high school drama contest thingie, I’ve read it countless times since then, and I own the three-volume set of every Albee play ever written, which I recently re-read. So I’m very familiar with that play.]

It’s pretty sly about giving insight into the Peter we only know from Zoo Story. And the acting is terrific: one of the best Peter’s I’ve ever seen, and probably the best Jerry there ever could be.

At Home at the Zoo by Edward Albee, at American Conservatory Theater, 415 Geary St, San Francisco, through July 5. Tickets at act-sf.org.