kml.jpgI just walked in the door from seeing KML’s latest show and wanted to throw down some thoughts about the show, mainly because there are only FOUR shows left and if I wait my customary “how ever long it takes me to get around to it,” it will be completely pointless. (As opposed to my customary 92% pointlessness.)

So here’s the deal: It’s sketch comedy. Written by a team of about 12, performed by a cast of 6. Which means you get a whole mix of styles and senses of humor. Subtle, dry stuff; weird, absurdist stuff; sketches with no words; sketches all about words; sketches that are mostly physical comedy; sketches that are mostly dirty words.

Some of it will make you laugh uproariously; some of it will pass you by; but the beauty is that someone is always laughing at something. Funny can mean different things to different people, as KML once said somewhere but I don’t remember where.

So if you don’t think that the sketch with the Northern Californian and the Southern Californian each speaking in their own slang and thus needing a translator is funny (which I really can’t believe, but whatever) then maybe the car ballet is more your style. Or the hilarious film about SF hipsters visiting Oakland. Or the running audio bit with Clint Eastwood and Arnold Schwarzenegger giving fun facts about California, which quickly devolves into Arnold ridiculing Christian Bale for daring to play a Terminator.

At the very least, you’re gonna dig the live music — with some of the best vibraphone-playing since The Modern Jazz Quartet or, um…one of those other really good bands with a vibraphone player. (Seriously, the live music is freaking hot.)

Plus, the acting is brilliant. This shit is hard to do, and these guys make it look easy. Oh! And this one has a through-line! More than recurring characters, the show is actually driven by the story of the Schacter family, who hit the road in an RV when the bank forecloses on their Danville house. It gives the evening a structure and makes the recurring bits more than bits but an actual story. Very cool.

So, um, yeah. If I was posting this tomorrow when there were only THREE shows left, I’d probably have an ending.

KML Hits Highway 101 by Killing My Lobster, at Zeum Theater, in that whole Yerba Buena thing on 4th Street, San Francisco, through Jun 14. Tickets at killingmylobster.com.


3 Replies to “‘KILLING MY LOBSTER HITS HIGHWAY 101’ at Zeum Theater”

  1. Hello Tim,

    This is Brandi, the vibes player in the KML All-Stars band. I just wanted to offer my sincere thanks for the kind comments about the show and about the band!


  2. Hi Tim,

    there has been talk of the KML All Stars band sort of developing its own identity…just to see what happens…but there is definitely a music fundraiser for the next show in the works.

    I will keep you posted!

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