Notice: World Premiere Play From World Premiere Company

hellafreshtheatre_penguin.jpgI’ve seen every play that Sleepwalkers Theatre (SF Weekly’s “Best Theater Company of 2009”) has produced — except one. I was traveling during the premiere of John Rosenberg’s Use Both Hands, a play that was praised as “hilarious” and “gripping” and “one Tim Bauer will kick himself for missing.”

Now Rosenberg has started his own theater company called Hella Fresh Theatre, and tonight is the world premiere of both the company and Rosenberg’s newest play: Jericho Road Improvement Association, a play about “race, law enforcement and east bay celebrity status in Oakland, CA.”

Or, in two sentences, it’s a play about “a veteran police officer determined to change the neighborhood where he fought the Black Panthers 30 years ago.” He buys a bar and slowly befriends a young man he thinks can be the new Bobby Hutton, a 16-year old Black Panther who died in a shoot-out with police.

As befits a theatre company that grew out of Sleepwalkers, beer is $2 and tickets are $10. So you have no excuse and several good reasons to check it out.

Jericho Road Improvement Association by John Rosenberg, from Hella Fresh Theatre at Phoenix Theatre, 414 Mason St, San Francisco, through Jun 27. Tickets at