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I run across new blogs from time to time, but it’s not often that I feel compelled to keep clicking farther and farther back into the archives. You might feel the same if you haven’t yet seen Travis Bedard’s blog for his Cambiare Productions.

Recent posts include his response to that Guardian article about doing theatre that isn’t boring:

My boring is not your boring is not Anthony Neilson’s boring. So I would like to retrench the sentiment slightly, and make it an actionable item. By way of doing so I would like to point out musician Amanda Palmer’s latest blog post. Ms. Palmer, aside from roaming in support of her stunning new album (Who Killed Amanda Palmer), is taking time to return to her high school and work with them in creating a new play.

But read the entry. She can’t get the words out fast enough to contain her excitement. And that is my simplistic action statement. Match her. There is no way to ‘not make boring theatre’, any more than you can prove a negative. Make theatre that excites you. Make it as well as you can.

Someone may find it boring. Folks may hate it. But you will have fulfilled your larger duty to capital T Theatre. If Neil Simon excites you? DO IT. Do it well. If zombie rock operas excite you? DO IT.

I also like how he responded to Scott Walter’s post about an artist’s responsibility by spelling out what he considers his own responsibility to his theater community and to the broader Austin community.

(And the fact that he’s from Austin and mentions stuff that makes me homesick, like Salvage Vanguard and The Vortex and Austin Java is icing on the cake.)

Best of all: I no longer have to do any blogging of my own. I can just link to his super-cool posts and say I agree. Sweet.


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