Very Cool Fundraiser This Weekend

Check this out: This Saturday April 18, the very cool guys over at Sleepwalkers Theatre are having a Depression Party at Lobot Gallery in Oakland that’s also a fundraiser.

The tagline: “Come Support Local Theatre and Help Make this Depression the Greatest of All!”

A performance of one of my short plays is the least of it. The greatest thing may be the moonshine-making demonstration. Brilliant!


Admission’s only 10 bucks, and look at all you get:

Two Short Neo-Vaudeville Performances: Tim Bauer’s The Magic Word and David Ackerman’s Inside Albert’s Head.

Moonshine-Making Demonstration: Learn to brew your own bootleg hootch.

Good-Time Hokum Tunes: From Ryan Beebe & a Special Secret Performance by Members of the Gomorran Social Aid and Pleasure Club.

Old-Timey Syncopated Sounds: Dance to DJ Adam Infanticide.

Drown Your Sorrows: Homemade booze, beer and the finest hella cheap Hooverville delicacies. Including 50 cent moonshines shots!

Bargain Artwork: Everything under $20!

And an Installation Made Entirely from Decaying Money!

Saturday, April 18, 8pm at Lobot Gallery, 1800 Campbell Street Oakland. Admission $10. All proceeds go to keeping Sleepwalkers Theatre alive. Info at 415.308.9849 or