‘LYDIA’ at Marin Theatre Company

l.pngLast night I went to Marin Theatre Company for the first time. For some reason, I think nothing of driving over the Bay Bridge, but ask me to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and I start whining like you’re asking me to drive to Ukiah.

In reality, of course, Marin Theatre is probably closer to my house than Berkeley Rep. And if they keep putting on incredible plays — which they will, I happen to know, because I already posted their next season — they’re going to be seeing a lot more of me.

I think everybody knows Octavio Solis is one of the best and most important writers in the Bay Area. I definitely knew his play Lydia was going to be poetic and lyrical and beautiful. But I had no idea how fierce and funny and stunning and just plain good Lydia was. It’s fantastic.

Almost everyone I know has already seen this play, so I won’t recommend you rush out to see it because (a) you have and (b) it closes today. But I will say, if you happen to live in some other city, when this play comes to you — and it most definitely will — see it.