‘You Have Touched My Heart Very Hard’


Last night, M and I got as close as a San Franciscan can get to hanging out in a Parisian café in 1948.

Jil Aigrot , the woman who did the singing for Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose, performed at The Rrazz Room. Aigrot has a stunning voice and channels not just Edith Piaf’s sound but also the emotions behind the songs. And she’s super-charming, as well, announcing that she was “very troubled” because last night was the final performance of her U.S. tour and that we had all touched her heart very hard.

The Rrazz Room is the new incarnation of the Plush Room, and it’s a fantastic space. The sight lines from every seat are great, the sound is perfect and immersing without blowing you away, and the space feels really intimate while seating about 200.

I’m not a huge fan of cabaret and probably won’t be heading back to see Florence Henderson or Joan Rivers, but if Jil Aigrot ever comes back, look for me in the front row.