Cool Article About Molly Rhodes On BroadwayWorld

BroadwayWorld has an article about Molly Rhodes and her upcoming production For All The Babies’ Fathers, Apr 30 – May 16 at Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco.

I know Molly from, I don’t know, everywhere. We’re both in PlayGround; we’re both in the Magic Artists Lab; we even both were in BAPF the same year. So it was nice to hear the idea that got her thinking of her new play in the first place:

Rhodes, hearing stories of deadbeat dads, of single mothers proudly and lovingly raising their children while their fathers were nowhere to be seen ignited a curious topic for the playwright. She became curious with the underlying assumption that if any man had a different desire than the woman who carries his child – especially if she wanted to have the child and he wanted no part of it – then he must be bad. Rhodes states, “I started thinking, “wait, what is it really like to be this man?”. “What is it like to know you have this child, out there in the world, who you will have no connection to and yet feel directly responsible for?”

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