‘PURE SHOCK VALUE’ by Killing My Lobster


If you haven’t seen Pure Shock Value by Matt Palfrey yet, you’re out of luck, because it closed Mar 22 and it was sold out for a while anyway. Chances are, though, you did see it, because Killing My Lobster only does full-on plays every couple years, and when they do, they’re awesome.

Palfrey’s past plays have titles like Cockroach Nation, Freak Storm, Honkies With Attitude and Gore Hounds, perhaps giving a clue into just how hilarious, outrageous and astonishing Pure Shock Value was. We saw it on Thursday and had one of those thoroughly enjoyable nights where you’re so revved up, you have to head to a bar (in this case Napper Tandy) and have a few beers to come down.


8 Replies to “‘PURE SHOCK VALUE’ by Killing My Lobster”

  1. Matt Pelfrey is my archnemesis (every playwright should have one). We bump into each other all the time at events, and our friends have to pull us apart from fistfighting.

    (Okay, perhaps I am slightly exaggerating, but I hope if I speak of it enough it will grow into an unstoppable theatrical urban legend.)

  2. From now on, I will only refer to him as Matt “Prince Gomolvilas’ Archnemesis” Pelfrey.

    And I guess I need an archnemesis now. Maybe Marisela. We can duke it out every three months at pub night. We could charge admission!

  3. No! You need an archnemesis that kinda looks like you, someone with glasses and short hair, like Adam Szymkowicz. That way when people mistakenly call you Adam you can mutter: Szymkowicz!

    It’s an East Coast / West Coast rivalry!

  4. Wait, if Adam Szymkowicz usurps my role as Prince’s archnemesis, then the archnemesis of my archnemesis must be my new archnemesis….or something.

  5. I can’t be East Coast because I’m in the midwest right now. Also I’ve let my hair grow.

    If neither of those things disqualify me however, I’m down to be anyone and everyone’s archnemesis.

  6. I would like to organize a celebrity playwright death match. And please do not underestimate me because of my height. I mean, have you seen those little Thai kickboxers? They can wipe the ring with your ass. I’m serious. I thirst for blood.

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