‘PETER PAN’ at Live Oak School

On Sunday, M and I went to see our neighbors’ kid in a school production of Peter Pan. There’s nothing like seeing a bunch of sixth graders dressed as pirates and fairies and crocodiles to remind you of why you first got excited by theatre in the first place. And the director’s note, called “Not everyone can play Peter Pan,” was wonderful:

As an actor, you bounce back and forth between lead, supporting and chorus roles. I tell the kids all the time; I’ve starred in shows and I’ve played a maid seven times. I have played “Tree #4” with no lines and promised that I would never do that to another actor. While some of the kids are onstage more than others, they all have a purpose in the community of the play. Without them, the show would feel different. I encourage you to watch the actors who are in “the background” of scenes. They’ve worked just as hard on their characters and help to make the world we create seem more real. Enjoy the show! -Stephanie Temple (aka: Tree #4)


2 Replies to “‘PETER PAN’ at Live Oak School”

  1. Stephanie is a fantastic director! She makes all the kids feel very good about themselves! :-)
    -Amy, a blog lurker!

  2. And the costumes are always amazing. We’ve seen two shows over there, and it’s so much fun. I didn’t mention that the students also run lights and stage manage, which is also fantastic….

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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