My Play Is Being Staged At PlayGround This Monday

This month’s PlayGround is a collaboration with the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. Last Wednesday, we playwrights drove to the hills high above Berkeley and heard a presentation from several mathematicians (and one astrophysicist) about Möbius Strips, those one-sided things you made in kindergarten by twisting construction paper and taping the ends together. That was a big clue about the topic, announced the next day: One-Sidedness. We got the topic on Thursday and had five days to write a play. Mine was one of six selected for a staged reading.

Featuring a powerhouse cast of Soren Oliver, Lisa Morse, B.W. Gonzalez and Aaron Wilton, this thing won’t even be rehearsed until 5:30 on Monday, then it goes up at 8:00 at Berkeley Rep. Should you come, you’ll also see plays by Nima Aghdam, Brady Lea, Aaron Loeb, Carolina Rojas Moretti and Mark Routhier.

Drinking will take place afterward, with most people going either to Beckett’s or Jupiter — whichever one I’m not at. (As I explained here, I somehow always hear that everyone’s going to one and then find out that everyone went to the other. So don’t follow me. Hang at the theater for a while and follow the crowd.) I’d love to see you there. Particularly since I’m not entirely sure you exist, despite what the stat counter says.

Them by Tim Bauer, at PlayGround at Berkeley Rep, 2025 Addison, Berkeley, on Feb 16. Tickets at

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  1. Sorry I didn’t see this post until today. I live within walking distance of Berkeley Rep now. I’d have loved to have come. How did it go? Maybe next month.

  2. You’ll have to subscribe to the RSS feed to get up-to-the-second info! It went pretty well: it was written for the thrust stage, with the actors able to walk out into the audience, but was performed on the bigger stage, so it lost some of the audience interaction — but then it gained from just happening to be on a set that fit the theme perfectly, so in the end I guess it was a wash. The actors were phenomenal, as usual. That’s one of the best things about PlayGround: the opportunity to work with amazing actors you could never afford in real life.

  3. Hello from Mainz Germany

    Google picked up your post about the play today Wednesday 18th. I suppose you know already that you come across the internet as if you were close. What an asset for a playwright, It all went weel that is obvious from your analysis of what worked; what didn’t.

    How will that experience, that so many artists cannot aschieve so directly, (pun) carry through to the play itself? A massive rewrite or not?

    Best luck with it. I for one, am hooked and yet have no idea what the play said and did. So there!

    Which cafe did they all go to? (Former short-time resident of Martin Luther King Drive.)

    Speaking of Sf, went to a revival of Hair (English) last Sunday in Frankfurt. An extension of an especially super season for a small theater – and peopled mainly by Germans and no expats but me (Australia). They sat on their hands for ten minutes ,then went ape.



  4. Thanks, Neil! I imagine I will indeed do some small rewrites, clarifying when the actors should enter the audience.

    It was raining, so we went to Beckett’s, an indoor place, as I’m sure you know since you lived in Berkeley. Jupiter is more of an outdoor patio.

    Best of luck to you in Germany. I’m sure you can tell from my last name that I have some ancestors from your part of the world.

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