Two Birds With One Stone

I’ve been meaning to talk about Sarah Ruhl’s fantastic In the Next Room (or the vibrator play), which we saw last week at Berkeley Rep. I’m a big fan of Sarah Ruhl’s cunning dialogue and sly metaphors, the way she mixes humor and drama, the way she almost invariably gets me to tear up at the end of her plays.

I’ve also been meaning to talk about a local playwright’s blog that I’ve only recently discovered. The writing is always interesting and compelling, the topics are always timely, and the comments section is a step above most others.

Rather than waste any more time thinking about exactly how to describe In the Next Room or exactly how to talk about this new-to-me blog, it occurred to me that I could link to Marissa’s description of the play, thus introducing the blog while simultaneously ducking any need to clutter the blogosphere with more words like “entertaining” and “original” and “amazing” and “strongly recommended” when talking about Sarah Ruhl’s play. Who’s the cunning one now?

In the Next Room (or the vibrator play) by Sarah Ruhl, at Berkeley Rep, 2025 Addison, Berkeley, through Mar 15. Tickets at

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