Playwrights Pub Night

On Saturday, we had a wonderful, rollicking pub night. We met at Valley Tavern in Noe Valley. (The quarterly meet-up is in a different neighborhood each time. We’ve done the Mission, the Inner Richmond, Noe Valley and whatever you’d call the neighborhood where The Liberties is. Near Nachtrieb? SOMD — South of the Marijuana Dispensary?)

Once again, Marisela organized the whole thing. And once again, Mariella was a great asset (being a non-playwright and thus non-introverted) by suggesting we all change seats whenever someone got up to go to the bar, thus allowing us all to mix and mingle.

Ken, Maria, Cass, Doug, Marisela and Chris were the core playwrights holding the table. We also had an actor, a dramaturg, a producer and a housemate there. Five hours, many beers, and a great time.

Next one will be April-ish, so get on Marisela’s list. (She sends out the Facebook invitations and evite.)


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  1. Not a group, per se. Marisela sends out a facebook invitation as the date approaches. I’ll give her your email or point her to your facebook page so your invited next time. Or you could go to her xanga site and comment/email her directly, assuming I’ll be well-meaning but completely forget.

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