Gary Garrison and The Dramatists Guild

Gary Garrison is like the Tony Robbins of playwriting, except without the Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Seriously, if you’ve ever read his Playwrights Survival Guide, you know he’s the most inspiring playwright around.

On Friday, I got to go to a Master Class workshop/discussion with him, as part of the Dramatist Guild’s visit to San Francisco. He gave a little of bit of craft advice (“If there’s a problem in your play, worry about the people, not the story. People are infinite and interesting; you’ll never write a story that’s more interesting than the people in it”) but he mostly gives just the right amount of truth and honesty and understanding of what a playwright, specifically, goes through.

I have to believe that everyone in the room immediately went home and started writing.


Join the Dramatists Guild! If you’re a playwright and you’re not in the Guild, you’re crazy. Especially if you ever even touch a contract. The Guild is there to represent your interests; they develop standard contracts; they work to protect your rights.

You also get a fantastic magazine, The Dramatist, and the best Resource Directory around. (They screen out the crap.) Join!


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  1. I use to write plays in poetry for children when I taught elementary school years ago. I was an excellent teacher. One was filmed by one of my student’s parents once. I had done a rewrite of The Wizard of Oz. Interesting twist, Dorothy gets to OZ and opens the curtain and instead of seeing a wizard, she sees a mirror and herself. 1975.

    My own daughter is a playwright now. I am amazed. I always wonder why playwright is not spelled, ‘playwrite.’ Why is that?

    Wishing you continued success and the successes of those who try. May God Bless!
    Pamela Bunting Lewis

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