Two Upcoming Multi-Media Plays: ‘MEADOWLAND’ and ‘FABRIK’

Two upcoming plays have come onto my radar. Okay, one was already on my radar, because it’s by Ian Walker, who’s a friend of mine. But both are striking because they incorporate multimedia.

Meadowland by Ian Walker is “a multi-media performance piece and the collaboration of writer Ian Walker, choreographer Misha Wyatt, film director Richard Enriquez, and costume designer Scarlett Kellum,” and uses movement, pre-recorded and live video, and music to tell the story of a murdered husband, a missing wife, and a small town sheriff drawn into a web of mystery and deceit.

Fabrik: The Legend of M. Rabinowitz uses hand-and-rod puppets, masks and original music created and performed by New York City’s Wakka Wakka Productions to tell the story of Moritz Rabinowitz, a Polish Jew who immigrated to Norway at the turn of the century in order to escape pogroms and persecution.

Both sound like they could be really gorgeous pieces of theater. I know for sure I’m seeing Ian’s, and Fabrik will be on my list. Although it’s a crowded list. I thought January was supposed to be slow, but my soon-to-be-posted “What I Want To See In January” list is getting really long.

Meadowland by Ian Walker at Phoenix Theatre, 414 Mason St., San Franicsco, Jan 9 – Jan 31. Tickets at

Fabrik: The Legend of M. Rabinowitz by Wakka Wakka Productions at Traveling Jewish Theatre, 470 Florida St., San Francisco,  Jan 22 – 25. Tickets at