I Read; People Clapped; A Guy Played A Saw

Playwrights don’t often get to read their own work. We usually have to hand it over to actors. And we’re usually quite glad to do that.

But last night, I had a great time reading my short play Letters To An Old Poet at Book Zoo in Oakland. It was a fundraiser and magazine release party for Watchword Press and Beeswax Magazine, and I was one of the featured readers (thanks to an invite from the lovely and perpetually busy Liz Lisle).

I purposely chose a play about a poet, since all the other readers were poets, and it seemed to go over pretty well. People laughed at all the right places, clapped when I was done, and a guy took a picture of me drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon, so that seems like a success.

After the reading, a band called Dum Spiro Spero played songs written for guitar, violin and saw. The bookstore owner’s little daughter (who was more excited about her “baby rat in a cage” than the reading) loved this part, dancing and clapping and spinning around and around and around in a circle until she fell over. So that seems like a success, too.

Update: If you’re on Facebook (and maybe even if you’re not) you can see photos of me, the event, and the aforementioned PBR here.


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