What I Want To See In October/November

Because of our surprise New York trip, I only saw 3 out of 8 shows I flagged for September. I’m hoping that I can get to at least some of these early in the run so I can post my thoughts and hopefully hype some of these cool-sounding shows:

  • Tore Ingersoll-Thorp’s March to November by Sleepwalkers Theatre (Oct 23 – Nov 8). Inspired by an article Chloe Veltman wrote asking for plays that do more than congratulate liberals for being liberal. Produced by one of my favorite small theatre groups, and starring Ian Riley, who directed my little play a couple months ago.
  • Eugene Ionesco’s Victims of Duty by Cutting Ball (Oct 24 – Nov 23). “An unsuspecting couple answers a knock at their door and a detective enters.  What starts as a simple interrogation becomes an incredible journey through their past, present and future.”
  • George Bernard Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple at Aurora Theatre (Oct 31 – Dec 7). Shaw’s only play set in the U.S. “Set in a New England village during the Revolutionary War, a self-proclaimed devil’s disciple finds himself mistaken for the local reverend…and arrested by the British army as a rebel.”
  • Carter W. LewisEvie’s Waltz at Magic Theatre (Nov 8 – Dec 7). Directed by Loretta Greco, who directed all the best stuff at A.C.T. last season. “After their son is expelled for bringing a gun to school, an unexpected visit from their son’s girlfriend turns a couple’s backyard barbecue into a high-stakes game of cat and mouse.”
  • Melanie Marnich’s Tallgrass Gothic by Impact Theatre (Nov 14 – Dec 20). Produced by one of my other favorite small theater groups. I read this and lobbied for it back when I was a lit manager in Austin. I lost. Marnich’s Bay Area professional debut.
  • Melissa James Gibson’s Current Nobody by Just Theater (Nov 14 – Dec 13). Directed by Jonathan Spector, who is great at directing “fragmented language plays”  or whatever you would call those awesome things Anne Washburn, Sheila Callaghan, and Mac Wellman write. Note: I have no idea if this is actually a “fragmented language play,” but he can direct pretty much anything really, really well.
  • The Great Puppet Bollywood Extravaganza by Un-Scripted Theater (Nov 28 – Dec 20). Like that show I was in last year, only this time an extra degree of difficulty because it’s improvised, a musical, with puppets — and in the style of a Bollywood musical. Give me a break! Note: I’m not in it. All the more reason to go. If you haven’t seen puppets improvise, you are in for a treat.