I’m Back In PlayGround

Late Thursday night, I found out I made it back into the Writers Pool of PlayGround. That means I’ll be writing up to 6 new 10-minute plays this year. More importantly, it means I’m back in a pretty fun and supportive community of writers.

Saturday morning was a company meeting and a brunch (including a performance of really cool and funny Aaron Loeb piece developed last year). It was a chance to catch up with some folks I haven’t seen in a year, as well as meet some of the new writers.

Every year, there’s about 1/3 of the group that’s either brand new or back from a year or two’s absence. This year, there’s a few more of us “back from a year or two’s absence” types — including Ken. (Yay. Someone to drink with now that Rick’s moving away, the bastard.)

First topic’s in about two weeks. (If you don’t know what that means, go here to see how PlayGround works.)


3 Replies to “I’m Back In PlayGround”

  1. Hmm… I was in the Playground writers pool the first year they had a pool and the thing that turned me off to the process and that kept me from ever applying again was the complete lack of any community and the feeling I was just out there on my own throwing plays into the abyss. Of course I don’t remember there being any group brunches or any such like that, so maybe it’s changed. At the time though, I felt more excluded than included from the experience. I’ve never even been to a Playground show since.

  2. Hi Alan,

    I think they’ve received feedback like that before and are going out of their way to make newcomers feel welcome. They’ve set up feedback groups, so that groups of 6 playwrights all share their plays with each other — because people felt they were writing plays and sending them in and never hearing anything back. At least this way, some of your peers comment even if it doesn’t get in.

    Also, they’ve set up a mentor program, where veterans work with newcomers one-on-one. And they have brunches, readings and things outside of Monday nights.

    That said, people probably feel a bit outsider until their second year, because some people have been in for 7 and 8 years and have bonded amongst themselves. But I do think they’re aware of the problem and working toward being more inclusive.

  3. Those changes sound like they would have vastly improved my experience way back when. Maybe I’ll try to get in the pool next year.

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