Who knew last night was Unofficial Playwrights Night at Impact? Marisela, Prince, M and I met up for pizza at La Val’s, followed by Lauren Yee‘s Ching Chong Chinaman. Turns out Molly Rhodes, Sonia Fernandez and Eugenie Chan were all there, too. Making the show an impromptu Bay Area Playwrights Festival reunion.

Lauren Yee’s show is bananas, as one reviewer would put it. It’s really funny, hip, irreverent, theatrical, and definitely one of Impact’s biggest shows in years. Like, selling out every night big. Like, shows added and “can’t we extend?” big. Like, why didn’t you make reservations because now you might not get to see it big.

After the show, we went to the Unofficial Impact Bar for a post-show beer and/or virgin mary, along with most of the cast, some of the crew, and a few of the aforementioned playwrights. All in all, a great seven-hour night of theater-related fun.


4 Replies to “CHING CHONG CHINAMAN at Impact Theatre”

  1. Man, wish I’d known you all were going, I would have tried to make it myself.

    Why exactly does your “one reviewer” link go to the Rachel Zoe Project site on Bravo?

  2. We’ll let you know next time!

    And the Rachel Zoe thing: She’s becoming known for saying everything is “bananas,” which is a very high compliment.

    So I imagine her review would be: “Oh my God, I die. That show is bananas.”

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